Internet – Data Management, Privacy and Security Law

The world is driven by data. Its collection and use makes modern life possible and its application is to be found in almost all aspects of business.

However, the law provides for protection against misuse and compliance with the law is vital. In relation to personal data, there are severe penalties on organisations in breach.

The increased liability brought about by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have an impact on most organisations.

In addition to this increased compliance landscape there are huge data security threats facing organisations as malicious cyber-attacks become increasingly widespread.

We advise on all aspects of data protection compliance including Privacy Policies, Data Processing Agreements, how to implement legal safeguards against cyber-attack, and also the intellectual property aspect of data in the protection of databases by way of Database Right.

Our considerable experience in the realm of Internet law means we have a deep understanding of how, with each generation of Internet development, a new data and privacy imperative is triggered.

In short, most communication technology innovation will have a data law dimension.

We can help you with data transfer solutions, incident management, information sharing guidelines, and training with privacy change management.
If you would like a briefing visit at your offices on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016 and its impact on your business please contact us (

We also conduct full data protection audits which help you evaluate and mitigate and information and privacy risks facing your business. If of interest, please contact us (

Examples of work undertaken by Lecote

  • Advising a leading high end retailer in relation to a cyber- attack.
  • Advising Healthcare software provider on complex issues related to its product and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016.
  • Advising hundreds of businesses in the digital media, media, and online space, on data protection compliance and policies.

Andrew on the vital need for internet Data security

‘Barely a week goes by without a news story breaking about data security breaches. It is understandable why until recently companies – even very large corporates – have not recognised the threat from cyber-attacks. That has changed and business are beginning to understand the catastrophic impact such attacks have. The legal governance of data and the steps you need to take are essential. At the same time, the general compliance regime is shifting – with significant fines and damage to reputation if an organisation is in breach.’

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