Internet – Digital Media Law

We have been advising the industry for over 25 years and know intimately the classic issues faced and how to overcome problems and find solutions. We advise on service level contracts, software and content licensing and development agreements, software integration contracts, software as a service contracts, escrow agreements, cloud service provision, Intellectual property issues, data protection and security issues.

What we do for the film and media industry

Andrew has been a regular attendee and speaker at the Cannes Film Festival for over a decade, including launching his book Film and Television Distribution and the Internet at the Festival.

We advise upon Internet and digital legal issues as they relate to the film industry and act for numerous companies in the online media sphere.

Examples of projects include:

  • Crowd funding legal issues for a well-known Hollywood film producer;
  • Private investment legal issues for an online movie production platform;
  • Advising an online film download and streaming platform on content licensing deals; white label platform licensing for international territories; terms and conditions for delivery of the service;
  • Advising a film orientated social media network on service terms and conditions;
  • Advising on Internet content licensing and distribution;
  • Advising on Intellectual Property aspects of digital distribution of film;
  • Online media platforms including film download and streaming services;
  • Advising on platform legal arrangements for an online movie service;
  • Advising on terms and conditions for an online media showreel service;
  • Advising a digital platform for product placement and sourcing within movie content;
  • Advising on movie copyright dispute with YouTube;
  • Numerous matters related to movie and Internet legal issues.

Andrew on the impact of the Internet on media

‘The Internet has always been a hugely disruptive technology and never more so than in the media industry. I saw the music industry first grapple with its advent – soon followed by the film industry. It was clear that wishing the Internet had never been invented was not a meaningful response and the immediate fear was one of piracy. I’ve spent over a decade attending industry forums such as the Cannes Film Festival helping media companies with their Internet initiatives. But the technology is now largely stabilised with media content more accessible than ever before. I’ve been through every phase of the media industry’s journey with the Internet -and one thing is clear. It’s a journey with a long way to go still.’

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