Internet & Technology Law

We advise upon and negotiate commercial contracts which relate to Internet, IT and Technology, and help with any issues connected with online business.
It is our focus on Internet technologies in all their manifestations that has given us a thorough understanding of the legal issues which relate.

Those issues however will typically be associated with performance expectations of the technology, identifying and protecting the component intellectual property rights, commercialisation and exploitation of the technology, and in all cases -recognising the opportunities and constraints the given market brings – and shaping the legal advice to respectively, maximise and mitigate each.

Our experience encompasses agreements in many forms for technology applications and solutions across a variety of industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Fintech, Fashion, Software, Film, and Sports.

Whatever stage your technology product is at there are legal steps which should be taken – and implementing those at each vital stage is essential to safeguard the ultimate success of the product.

So whether it is technology joint ventures, research and development projects, licensing, integration, or sale or acquisition, we are able to advise how best to proceed. Often that includes alerting you to considerations not immediately apparent in context of the technology product itself.

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